So confused/worried.

On Wednesday I had an appt and they found protein in my urine with my blood pressure slightly elevated, but still in normal range. After a urinalysis my protein level came back in the high 300s. My dr ordered a rushed 12 hr instead of 24 hour urine sample and told me to go into labor and delivery today to turn it in, if it was still elevated I’d be induced. I go to labor and delivery expecting to be induced because of how rushed they made everything seem, only to be sent home because all my levels came back in average range for pregnancy. It was a different dr than who seen me and ordered everything, and he didn’t seem as concerned as the other. I’m 37 weeks so induction isn’t completely out of the question. I still feel horrible and have all the symptoms they told me to “watch for” and they are pretty severe at that. Laying down, drinking water, Tylenol, nothing is relieving it. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do at this point, and I’m worried they are missing something that could end up affecting my baby. Sorry for the long rant, it’s just been a really long/ stressful couple of days.