How long should I stop smoking?

Annika • Witch🌜Gamer 🎮 Ravenclaw 💙

Happy 4/20 🎉 Someone smoke a bowl for me tonight.. I have to quit 😭 I’m unsure if I would be considered a regular user or heavy user, so I think I’m going to stop now (drug test will be early July or August)

I smoke every single day, after work/before bed. I usually only take 2-3 puffs. I thought I fell under regular use (and therefor would take about a month to leave my system) but I’ve been reading the forums and a lot of people have been saying that daily use = heavy (so it could take up to 3 months to leave my system) if that’s the case then I’m cutting it a little fucking close 😳 I thought heavy use would be smoking multiple times a day... what do you guys think?