Am I pregnant 🤰


Today I decided to take pregnancy test (Reason: me and my husband dear decided to drink 🍷 today.. I was having this feeling what if I am pregnant so without telling my husband I went ahead for pregnancy test).

Sitting on the toilet pot 🚽 I made up my mind that I ain’t crying if the result is negative again..I have shed too many tears these past months and decided not to bother my husband.. Actually after too many months of negative result I was actually hoping for negative result...

I am just shaking seeing a faint line today..Could it be?

.. all I can think now is to take pics and confirm from my glow family, do you think I am pregnant?

Updates for those who were asking me to post again..😃 I am So Happy to announce that I am pregnant- the p test has confirmed it with super dark lines ♥️

Can’t get over it! checking the ptest over and over again- overwhelmed 🙏🏻

I would like to thank all my Glow family members for making me feel way positive..

I will make an appointment with my Doc over the weekend ..Just too excited!

Thank you all 🙏🏻