Passing out & 12 days late


Hello all!

I am 12 days late for my normal cycle. I have taken 3 tests all are BFN. I have been trying to take baths to kickstart my period. I took a shower after my bath (I’m weird like that) while I was shaving I realized I was a bit warm so I turned down the water to pretty cool and tried to finish shaving but then my vision started to go out so I leaned over to hang my razor up and the next thing I know I’m laying in the shower with the water off. (I guess I turned it off before I put my razor up and don’t remember) I wasn’t able to stand and crawled my way into my bed. I had a headache and fell asleep shortly after calling my husband and letting him know what happened. I am scared neither of these things have ever happened and I am concerned for my health. Has anyone had this happen before? I have an appointment on Tuesday with my midwife but need some consults until then.