Helppp please! (UPDATED)

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I don’t like posting things in this group yet, seeing as I’m still ttc...


I have a question for you ladies!!

So, AF was due yesterday. Possibly super faint VVVFL (reference a post you can find on my profile).

Today was very nauseating. Followed by very light tingled CM once. After which, about 3 hours later, I had plain old red spotting. I put in a tampon, assuming I was out. Two hours later, took it out. It had a little bit of simple red (no clotting, or deep red blood, or anything) on it. Put in a panty liner. Laid down for an hour, had a little bit more than mild cramping, got up, had a little of the same color blood on it. Assumed- I’m definitely out, out another tampon it, took some ibuprofen and moped around for about 2 hours.

Took the tampon out, had just a little of the (again) same color blood. Put another one in. Had a better attitude of “well make the best of this month!” and went to hang out with SO.

About 2 hours later, took the tampon out again... a smidge of light pink blood.

Whattttt??? I have no idea what to think. This has NEVER ever happened. When AF starts, she makes it very well known.

Could this have been just spotting?? Has this happened to anyone else?? I’m at a loss but at the same time excited and would appreciate ANY input.


Spent the rest of the night and went to bed last night with just a panty liner. Prior to bed I ran to the bathroom a couple of times because it felt like I had a large drip in the liner. Nope. Just CM. Woke up with some blood in the panty liner but it seemed like more was coming so I put in a tampon. Couple hours later, it was about 1/2 (at most) full. Changed it, nothing of the applicator. Couple of hours later, I took that one out and it only had a very little bit on it.

Sorry to be so descriptive, but I keep going back and forth between “I’m out!!!” and “well... maybe it’s not AF...”

Side note: SO SWEARS I’m pregnant- and he’s usually right about just about everything (no joke, it’s often annoying 🤣🤣)