First night out 😃

C 💕

My little man is staying with my parents tonight.

So my boyfriend and I are going out for a few drinks (we have a DD already) and when we get home I have a new outfit and some massage oil to surprise him with. 😏

Just gotta get through these last 4 hours at work! 😩

Here’s mr Sweetface, cause I like showing him off!


So we went out to some local bar that had karaoke. There was a big group of us. Now, I had no idea what to order because my aunt always made drinks for me because I like fruity and sweet. They ended up ordering me a Chuck Norris because they said it was a drink that had Dr Pepper in it and I LOVE Dr Pepper. Well, it didn’t. It was just cherry vodka and a little dash of Red Bull. I had like 6 of these drinks. Now I want everyone to keep in mind that even before getting pregnant, I didn’t drink much. So those 6 vodka drinks did me good lol. We left after drink #6 because my boyfriend could tell if I had any more I probably wouldn’t be able to walk myself to the car. He still helped me, since he’s a gentlemen. On the way home I got turned on all of a sudden so I remember rubbing his thigh while he drove. We get home and had sloppy drunk sex (well I did- he was sober so🤷🏻‍♀️). I don’t remember anything after sex, I woke up this morning feeling bad (no headache!😊) and thinking that i somehow fell asleep during sex but he assured me I didn’t and he did finish. I just somehow don’t remember?

Anyway, it was a GREAT night, even though I missed baby boy. Now, time to get out of bed and go get baby 😊