had enough 😢😢😢😢😢


so i was 8 days late yesterday, feeling bloated all the time feeling sick and dizzy all the time so i done a pregnancy test and of course it came back negative😢 i hate it why do i feel so angry and upset when i do them why cant it come back positive,i cane of the depo april last year and my periods came back feb this year lile clock wise by useing this app and because it was and still is late it gave me hope. i know i hace to givemy body time but im doing everything im ment to be doing like exercising,drinking water, losing weight, holding my legs in the air after sex, taking pre-coneption tablets, taking vitamins i hate this why cant i been a mum why cant i experience pregnancy and have a big bundle of joy and become a little family why cant i give my partner a baby,everyone keeps telling me to be patient or your get pregnant when your not trying (how can i get pregnant if im not trying ) everyone around me is having babies or geting pregnant its not fair!!!!! i feel like im failing as a women as a girlfriend😢😢😢😢😢😢