Bad Day


I had a really bad day at work. Short Version: I fucked up and accepted a counterfeit $100. Got lectured for it by 6 people. I feel like absolute shyt and I forgot to take my antidepressant last night. So now my depression has full reign during a day that I screwed up. So now I’m alone in my room, crying like that immature dumb bitch that I am. I really want to die right now. I don’t even want to take my medicine. I’m trying to make it go away with some whiskey, but it’s not working. I’m such a dumb bitch. I can’t even do a simple task right. I’m not benefiting anyone. I’m just a burden.

Why can’t I do anything right?

My family is supposed to come over today. I can’t even try to put on a smile for them. I’m gonna hide out in my room until my best friend comes, and then she’s picking me up to go somewhere.