Cup Suggestions?


I have been using my DivaCup as my main period control method for about two to three years now and I love it but sometimes it just does not agree with my body.

Most days it's good but sometimes it's almost as if I'm swollen or just can't get it to sit right and I will insert it the same way as I always do and within 10mins it will start to hurt and when I pull it out it is very painful as if it is too big and is pressing against the back of me and causing a bruise. Even if I take it out and reinsert I will have the same issue, that's why I think it might be me being swollen or something so it's not fitting right. The next day it's usually fine.

I use the type A I think it is? I can't remember what it's called but it's the one for people who have not given birth.

Has anyone had this issue and have any suggestions for a different type of cup or just suggestions in general?

I want to keep using a cup as I don't like all the waste that goes with tampons and my skin gets irritated from both tampons and pads though I still use them occasionally.