Is it possible for me to be pregnant or just might be an illness?

I had sex with my ex-boy in day 6 of my cycle(last day of my period) now (10days later on day 16of my cycle) I have cramp, stomachake(it’s just so vague) , rashes all over my body(face,chest,back,neck) , diarrhoea sometimes and vertigo, tympanites and I’m sorry but belching too much

He came twice and just pulled out!! It was last day of my period and my period was regular

We broke up and I really don’t wanna be in this situation

Is it really possible to be pregnant and have symptems only in 10days after sex?or I’m just overthinking??

I mean is it possible that my last period wasn’t a real period? Even it took 6days???

Can anybody help??

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