10 weeks and bleeding think it’s a MC!

This is my first time ever writing on anything like this but I’m freaking out and with it being the weekend I can’t get any answers.

I’m 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my first baby. Last night when I wiped I had some very light brown discharge. I didn’t think think too much of it as I had sex the night before. Through the day it got heavier so went to out of hours doc’s who booked me in for an early scan next week. Since I got home the bleeding has gotten much heavier I’m needing to wear a pad and it’s also gotten much darker with read in it. I called the EPU who said they can do anything until at least Monday! The pain is very minimal and the bleeding comes and goes. I’ve kind of accepted the fact I’m losing the baby I tried so hard to conceive. I guess I’m writing this to ask if anyone else had this and had a success story?