So sick of this crap

I had posted yesterday that my mom was talking to my son in baby talk talking down on me super loud while i’m right there. Now i love my mom so much but i have had it. She acts like she’s his mother. She will take him out of my arms to sit there and read him books, hold him, feed him. Pretty much whatever i’m doing at the moment she takes him from me. And still continues with the baby talk of “mommy doesn’t love you like i do” “i’m your favorite person ever not mommy” “oh why didn’t mommy feed you” MAYBE BECAUSE IM MAKING HIS BOTTLE ? I don’t know how to talk to her without her getting upset because she is known to be super dramatic. But it has gotten to a point where it’s annoying & overstepping her boundaries. Me & my boyfriend are living with her due to me not working and my boyfriend saving up for a house. Like i feel so bad for feeling frustrated but it’s so annoying. I want to bond with my son. He’s only two weeks and she is trying to project herself onto him as his mother. Sorry for the rant but i just don’t know what to do without hurting her 😭