Belissa • Mia

I’m wondering do I am fat or pregnant idk.. my stomach belly is strong to me is look like is growing or something.. I have sore I breast no pain yet and I feel dizzy.. throwing up but I don’t throwing up yet just having the feeling to throwing up.. sore breast skin is darkness like light brown... I always want snack something.. I’m just keep saying to me no more food snack.. I don’t want be fat lol i still want it like my body is keep telling me to go eat.. I don’t know what to do to eat or no... my husband say that m getting fat he trying to tell me to workout.. I’m like really? 😔🙈I want workout running do stuff.. but I don’t know what I am waiting’s👉🤰maybe or maybe I’m just fat🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ tomorrow I’m going to get a pregnancy test to find out.. 👉🤞🤞