video games boyfriend?...other problems

so...okay. me and my boyfriend have Been dating for 10 and a half months now and we text you know. like...we will say good morning and talk a little and stop talking till hours go by then I'll text him or something in the afternoon and talk a little then hours go by again then we text a little at night too. but here's the thing I have sisters and they have boyfriend's too. they constantly text back and forth and they're in their 20's! always calling and texting then sometimes get mad if 2 hours go by and their bf didn't text them back it makes me feel like my relationship is plan or boring or something. maybe I'm the one doing something wrong . I haven't seen him since the first (Easter ) and hopefully will see him this Friday I'm 16 he's almost 18. and our parents approve yes...but we have sex. here and there . he drives . but we text so little and don't see each other much. ..he plays his video games at night that's why he dosent text me much aT night idk. I feel really idk I need help maybe I'm doing something wrong I try to pay for everything we do and I do try. .(yes I know that paying sounds wrong but it's in my nature I pay because I feel that it is right when I have a job and he doesn't ) he doesn't come see me when he has the option to. I can't go see him cause we live 7 miles away and I don't drive .....any help out there ?