Dahlia Angelica ☁

Paloma • Dahlia Angelica ☁

I was due April 11 , I went for my 36 week appointment and my blood pressure was a bit high so my midwife decided she wanted to get monitored 2 to 3 hours and the hospital , as I'm laying on the bed my blood pressure seems to go down and up. Of course they asked for urine in a cup and for that they found protein in urine. On of the nurses walks in and tells me they're going to induce me and I would end up having her that night or morning so as she told me that I honestly started to cry because this was going to be my first child and a bunch of thoughts went through my head like wow I'm going to finally have my baby by my side and I have to take another step which is motherhood and my mentality has to change. Not going to lie I was a bit scared by my parents who I love so much were there to support me. They did my dilation check and I was 2 cm dilated , of course they did all the procedure and started the induction. I'm lying on the bed and contractions start to hit and I'm chillin at first but then after a while they get stronger and Lord I did everything to be strong , I took so many trips to the bathroom , I stood up and everything but they were so bad. I then got the epidural , lay back down and just felt the need to push , they then checked if I was more dilated and I was , water broke and everything. Called my parents in and started the procedure. I then started to push for 10 seconds 3 times and then kept on doing it until they saw that she would come out. Hoping it would be my final push , she then came out. Seeing parents cry was emotional , I cried as well because I felt so blessed to have the main pe

ople I adore be there. Seeing my beautiful daughter was amazing , the happiest I could ever be. This is Dahlia Angelica , born March 21st on a Wednesday at 6:36 a.m. , 5 pounds 7 oz.