Don’t know

I want to exclusively breastfeed. But I have been feeling pain since I started nursing. I my husband asked me to feed him, more kinda forced me because he is against formula and he thinks I won’t produce milk. I also did. Later we found out his latching was bad. We got help and I was able to feed him since Monday and again I got pain today. I wasn’t able to feed him. I am pumping as much as I could. I couldn’t bare the pain. He again says skip one or two but nurse him again with a pain. I’m telling him I cannot. But I’ll pump. He shows me that I’m a bad mother and past few days I have been skipping pumping as well. I don’t intend to skip anything. I tried nipple shield and it didn’t work. My parents came to help and now in a week they want to go back to their home (out of country), we spent lot of money bringing them. They ain’t helpful. I’m doing everything at home, feeding, changing diapers, eating, pooping, peeing, showering, cleaning his bottles, pumps, put him to sleep which he resists to sleep on the bassinet. I’m trying the best I could. But it’s not enough for him. I’m so depressed. Everyone shows I’m bad mother. I just don’t know what to do.