He came in me and now period is irregular


Hey guys so I posted a couple weeks ago that he came inside me for the first time (which was BOMB btw). I’m still on the bc though.


I started my period that day which I felt coming anyways. I started my period a week early because the keto diet messed everything up.

So now I’m on the placebo pills and got my “period” when I was supposed to... but it’s been brown the whole time and clumpy. I had cramps like normal but it was brown the whole time and light. There was maybe two spots of red blood. And it lasted 3 days.

Could that be implantation bleeding? It started 11 days after when we would’ve conceived. Idk if it was short and brown because I bled so much that month already or.. stress.. pregnancy? Any ideas?

I’ll be going to my dr in a week or two