Men. Only Men. Just Men.


I've been lurking in the Community section for a couple of weeks. Just wanted to drop a dime and introduce myself. My fiancée and I have just started TTC this month. 

​Any other men at all here? I feel a bit out of place.  
(Hey William - This is Gunce. I hijacked your thread. Thanks for starting it. I'm going to pin it up top so that men have a safe corner of Glow, all to themselves. We think that it is pretty awesome that so many men download the app and want to be actively involved in this process. Glow wants to make sure we are providing them all the tools that they need. So to that end - here is what we would love to know from our male users:
How do you like your tasks? your insights? Would you ever do any of the cheesy ones? How, in general, can we make the partner app work better for you? What is the most surprising thing you learned from Glow? What are some features that would make you use it even more than you do now. Seriously, we are all ears. Thank you again. You rock! )