Ovarian Ectopic


After trying to conceive for nearly 2 years my husband and I sought out the help of a fertility specialist. On March 31st after my first round of Clomid and a trigger shot, I had my first <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a>.

I anxiously trudged through my TWW with the help of other women in these groups going though the same. I couldn’t wait the whole 2 weeks to test so I decided to test out my trigger and wait until (or pray that) the positive line would return.

That line didn’t come back though and I honestly thought it didn’t work. But the morning I was supposed to test I did and to my shock and utter happiness, there it was PREGNANT. I ran downstairs and caught my husband before he left for work. I continued to test until my beta and I saw a faint line. But when the beta came back it was only 45. Three days later it almost tripled! A great sign. I continued to test and watched as the line got darker. I was sure this was it.

My 3rd beta was schedule for this past Tuesday morning. Only, Monday night I found myself doubled over in pain. I was up all night. I considered waking my husband to take me to the hospital but I didn’t want to bother him, he had work early. I figured it would pass and I would just go to my beta in the morning.

I sucked it up (clearly a bad move and I’m lucky to be alive). I walked into the fertility center in pain and was immediately given a Vaginal ultrasound. I was so hoping they would see a gestational sac. Instead they saw my abdomen filled with blood.

An ectopic pregnancy they said. My husband and I would have to decide if we wanted them to try and save my Fallopian tube (and pray this didn’t happen again) or if they would remove it.

Less than An hour later I’m being wheeled into the OR for emergency surgery. When I awoke I was told that I had an ovarian ectopic (apparently pretty rare). My tubes are fine and so were both ovaries. A Miracle!!!!

So now I sit here typing in pain. Both physically and mentally. I have a few new scars on my belly to show for it. But at least I know that I CAN get pregnant and my husband and I can make it though the hard stuff.

God has a plan and whatever that plan is, I will do my best to be ready for it.