So I’m someone who is pretty stern when it comes to weight and being at a healthy weight and especially during pregnancy I feel like I’m a little more “ocd” about it bc let’s face it .. it’s HARD to lose and EASY to gain..

Now I’m only about 7 weeks pregnant and already have gained 4 pounds.. my other 2 pregnancy’s I only gained 26-29 pounds total ..

I don’t eat terrible and I watch my calorie intake like a hawk-and I wasn’t under or over weight before ..so I don’t understand why I’m gaining so fast especially since from week 5- 6 I barely could eat anything at all from being so nauseous... but my body was craving salt and still does constantly so during that week of extreme nausea when I was able to eat something it was stuff high in salt and also fruit I was craving fruit..

Has anyone else experienced rapid weight gain in the beginning for some odd reason????

This is really getting to me !