Im in a BIND 😩


I was in a unhappy relationship and caught myself flirting with a co worker that was also in a relationship (I came onto him first) and he started to flirt back. He told me about he was unhappy in his relationship as well. So weeks went on we were still flirting every shift and he was kissing me goodnight every time we worked (that’s it). I decided I was going to end my relationship because I was being unfair. He talked about ending his relationship too (he’s 19 and they live together, I’m only 17). So we discussed about a week ago that we wanted to be with each together and that he was going to leave his gf. He said it was going to be hard for them since they just moved to this town and they don’t know anyone but each other and that he needs some time (which I understand). I told him I would wait for him but I wouldn’t wait long. Do you think he will leave her? (also yes i’ve heard if he cheats on her he’ll cheat on me but i’ve already discussed giving him a chance and seeing how it works out)