Today did not go as planned!

So I was supposed to have my first appointment today but when I get there I’m told my insurance isn’t active anymore so I leave. I call fix the insurance and have to call back Wednesday to schedule a new appointment. No big deal... I’m bleeding and I have some mild cramps. I go to the ER. They see nothing in my ultrasound I’m too early for that to show so blood work shows I’m positive for pregnancy. I’m told it could be implantation bleeding and to take it easy for a few days. The cramping could be caused by this as well. I dunno.... when I pee there’s blood when I wipe there blood. Not like I’m in my period but enough to notice and scare me. So here I am laying in bed cramping here and there and bleeding little by little wondering if I’m gonna lose this baby that I have tried to conceive for 8 months... ugh... i never bled with my girls. This new and I’m scared and worried. So I’m venting cause I have no one else to talk to about this right now. 😢😩🙏🏻🤰🏻