Hair help!

Angie • Getting a handle on my health!

Hi, everyone!

So I’m having a bit of a hair dilema and thought, what better place to ask about it than on this app. So here’s the thing: I do a very horrible thing. I wash my hair everyday. Yeah, I know. Terrible.

I just chopped half of my hair off today and would like to start taking better care of it. The thing is, my hair is so greasy. SO greasy. If I even touch it too much the grease starts to build up. Plus I exercise everyday and sweat A LOT, so my hair is pretty much disgusting half of the day.

What can I do about it!? I know washing it everyday is a sin, but I just CANNOT go to bed with dirty hair.

Is there any miracle dry shampoo that actually works and doesn’t make my hair look dirtier and greasier and chalky? Is there anything else good for this?