Sex or Love

Janileydi • Mommy of 5 :) loving every minute of my life UPS AND DOWNS

Has anyone else ever felt this?

So i was remembering my first time having SEX with my ex... i was a virgin and it all happened too fast. For some reason every time we did it .. yeah i enjoyed it but something was missing. Like sometimes he would cum and I’d still be here trying to catch up and dammit would it piss me off deep down I knew something was missing there had to be more to this sex thing. Sometimes I even faked enjoying it and it all was more of a routine and a responsibility rather than enjoyable sex. But when I met my husband I saw I was always right ladies like. Making love and having sex are two different things I mean this man loves me and I know it. He touches me and I feel what he feels I’m wet before he even begins to undress and we talk while doing it. We stare at each other and caress and take our time and shit it doesn’t bother wether or not both of us got to cum because I’m satisfied just knowing he’s satisfied and that we got a chance to bond.... am i weird or has anyone else noticed the difference between sex and making love?