Diagnosed Dr refuses to treat please help

Hi for the past year I've been having these awful pains in my body its almost unbarable to have sex Ive been having my periods for 2 full weeks Ive been in the emergency room at least 3 to 4 times a month for the past 7 months and all the doctors in the emergency room and the 6 different gynocologists i went to throughout the same practice all said the same thing you have a clean bill of health nothing is is wrong with you all your tests are normal however i was still in this awful pain and it was getting worse and more frequent so I decided one day to look it up online and it said that i needed to schedule an appointment with a gynocologist right away and request to be tested for endometriosis so i went back to the doctor that put my IUD in 5 years ago and told her everything and she listened and that day i walked out with an appointment for my laparoscopy well 2weeks later the results came back and i tested positive for Stage 1 my doctor is refusing to treat me for it because i also have a seizure disorder and the hormones from hormonal therapy counteract my seizure medication and causes me to have more seizures and she doesnt believe in prescribing pain medication because she doesnt want to get me addicted to them so she gave me ibuprofen which ive been on for the last year thats not doing anything to help me does anyone have any suggestions or anything other then get a second opinion bc im already looking into getting a second opinion im just not really sure exactly where to go because all my specialists are through this practice if know of anyway to help with back pain please let me know and also are their other doctors that can treat this other then just the gynocologist?