F**king Instagram

I went off Facebook and Instagram due to my infertility and watching all them positive pregnancy tests, another sonogram and another hospital picture of a newborn baby. I got my shit together, I ordered a new more accurate thermometer, ovulation kits and began testing. I fell ill during my period so my temprature has been lets say erractic, up and down constantly and because I have been ill I havent wanted my husband. I opened up my Instagram again today. There it is. Another Mother Fuvking sonogram! Another fucking newborn picture. I am wallowing in my own self pity, I want to be able to carry a child and call the child my own, my husband wont adopt due to personal reasons and I swear down i must be infertile. We have had tests done, my husband is fine, I am fine except I am fat. But everytime I see another post about someone elses baby I binge eat my emotions. I know it isnt healthy. What annoys me is I know I am overweight but some women who are a lot bigger than me still get pregnant from a stupid one night stand