Bright spot on heart

So during my anatomy scan they found a bright spot on her heart. It’s called a echogenic intracardiac focus. Because of this my OB sent me for a fetal echo...had that done today. I’m so I go and the tech does her thing, said she’s going to discuss the results with he pediatric cardiologist...wasn’t worried because they said this was part of the process. So the cardiologist comes in and starts scanning her too...also normal. She made a weird face and was t saying anything and taking a long time. After a half hour she leaves the room and brings in another cardiologist. So now I’m freaking out and trying not to cry. The other cardiologist scans me and after a couple minutes says, “it’s intact, all good!” Everyone standing around in the room smiled and looked relived. So they thought she had a hole in her heart but everything ended up being fine. I’m still shaking 😭😭 they scared me so bad.