Preg? Or Nah? LoL

So I’m 4 days late. But I have been cramping like I am about to start. Yesterday I had a very tiny amount of spotting but now my “discharge” is just regular white. Soooo....what do y’all think? I’ve taken a couple test (just the strip tests) but nothing has shown up on them yet. This is the 1st month we are trying to conceive i went off my pill about 2 months ago.

Just asking out of curiosity if this is common?? I’ve always been pretty regular with my cycle. I’m kind of excited but I didn’t think I was preg yet. Thanks ladies! I enjoy all your stories, questions and comments on here!

Oh and also on top of all this, the past 3 weeks my anxiety/nerves have been so high and overwhelming. They’ve never been quite this bad and I was just thinking it was bc I came off the pill...but can this happen if you just conceived???