Ladies help?!

Ladies hear me out. So two weeks ago I told my boyfriend my friends from out of state are coming. It’s been a year since I’ve seen them so we will be spending time together. I let him know in advance what the plan was because he spends the weekend with me every week. So I made sure I spent time with him the week of they were coming, and he left before they came, Same day. So after he leaves he was saying he could of stayed.... but he was so excited to hit the stupid with his boys. Honestly he was already with me so at this point if he wanted to stay I wouldn’t care. It’s not like I could of told him to leave.

He left on Friday. Saturday night he hits me up like I’m chilling with the boys can I come after. I’m like you know what fine. Because my girls stayed in the Airbnb and I spent the day with them. Cool I’ll just go home since it’s late and we already tired. So he comes over that night, a little lit because he was with his brothers. My friend was suppose to spend the night but she ended up staying with her other friend. So he comes in like “ Oh I though so and so was suppose to spend the night.” I’m like “ she’s stayed somewhere else.” So he asked how my Saturday went I told him everything. He mentioned my friends staying over I’m like “ oh they got an Airbnb last minute. “ reason being they didn’t wanna share a bed and wanted their own space. Understandable. Long story short he was listening to me and my friend convo because she came Sunday morning. We was talking about how our Uber driver was being mad nosy I said to my friend “ Yo that Nigga was being nosy af.” 😂😂. So my boyfriend leaves that night. Everything was cool. On Monday I’m getting mad because he’s taking long to respond. One thing I hate that he does is when he has a problem he will be in my face chilling then waits until he gets home to address the problem or when he’s upset... shit never made sense to me when you’re in my face, you could of just said something. Anyways so I get upset and because he was texting me at a slow pace. So my petty self says

“ oH I’m breathing today if you cared, I guess if you wanna know the rests you’ll hit me up.” He texts back like “ what if I actually wanna know how your Saturday actually went.” He goes on and mentions how we was in the Uber with niggas. 🙄🙄 now I’m annoyed because once again him listening to my convocation and misinterpreting everything of course. Still confused why he’s upset with me because I told him about my Saturday but he was lit so I told him again in order through text. He mentioned why I didn’t tell him about the Airbnb because if he knew he would of just stayed with me since my girl wasn’t sleeping over. I didn’t tell you to leave tf. He wanted to leave so bad because he wanted to go to the studio with his brothers. So he was emptied af to leave. The nigga was excited about recording his music.

The Airbnb was booked last minute and that’s the Airbnb my girls stayed at, so I didn’t feel the need to fully mention it. I wasn’t the one that booked it nor did I stay in It.... Like why does it matter? My other friend who was suppose to sleep over bailed on me, that wasn’t on me, I didn’t mention it because I was still expecting her to come later on. I didn’t know the situation so I was still expecting her. So now he’s mad at me and hasn’t spoke to me since Monday. It’s fucking Friday guys... I don’t see why he’s upset really... This is ridiculous. Is he overreacting?? Or maybe was I wrong? Like he gets mad over everything and turn everything into something is not. Got me all hurt this week. My thing is if it was such an issue why didn’t he just tell me when he was with me ? Instead he wanna be in my face, buying me food and shit all cuddled what? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😔idek what to do. He’s upset not responding to me. I really hate this shit because it’s not acceptable . Ladies talk to me 👀👀👀.