Biphasic pattern


Hello ladies. I have an Ava monitor and they have a new feature that detects and alerts you to a biphasic pattern. It has never alerted me before but this time it did. I ovulated on day 18 of my cycle and have been pretty stressed about having enough time before my next cycle to allow for implantation to occur. I know I’m stressing about crazy things. I know it doesn’t make sense to others but we have been trying for more than 18 months now. So ihave a couple questions.

1) does this biphasic pattern bode well for us getting pregnant this cycle? I know it means I ovulated and all that but is this just an extra good sign?

2) what is the absolute earliest you gals have had a positive test when you knew exactly which day you ovulated? (Even if it was faint)

Thanks ladies for taking the time to read and respond. I’ve never had to try to get pregnant before even though I’ve always been pretty knowledgeable about my cycle and cycles in general.