Moving in

My mans and I have been together for 6 months now, he’s turning 18 in a few days and so am I. He graduates this year and I graduate next year, but I absolutely hate my school and I want to switch but I know I can’t since I’m living with my parents because we live so far from the school I want to go to. My bf and I have been talking about getting a small apartment (which are really cheap in the area we’re looking at) but I’m not sure if we’re rushing this, I would love to live with him but we’re so young. I just hate where I live right now but we were originally planning for next year so I’m not sure if we should do it now or next year. I also don’t know how my parents will react but they know how much I hate where we live and how much I want to go back to where I grew up. I’m also doing college classes my senior year and I know it will be easier for me if I lived closer to campus. There’s so many pros and cons, in the end though I love my baby a lot and look forward to the day we get our own place no matter when it happens. (Also my parents know him and really like him)