EDITED Trying to leave an abusive relationship


I called his NCO and they’re coming to take him to the barracks. Guys I did it

I’m just looking for a little support, this is a difficult time in my life and I’m trying to do what’s best for my son and I. I need a hypeman or two to give me some more confidence to leave.

We got married, I got pregnant and he went to bootcamp. Seems like he came back a whole different person, and not in a good way.

He pushes me, grabs me, drags me up the stairs, throws things, shoves me while I’m holding our son. He touches me inappropriately after I’ve asked him countless times to stop. Sometimes he doesn’t allow me to have my phone while we fight, I think he doesn’t want me to call the police.

I thought Marines were supposed to be better than this. Married a little over a year. What a disappointment.

Don’t mind the vertiligo on my eyelid.


I should also say that he blames the bruises on iron deficiency. He says that I shouldn’t bruise that “easily” and that I’ve got to be anemic. He’s blaming it on me, saying that I have poor eating habits. Last night he called me anorexic. Which, by the way, isn’t even slightly true. I’ve maintained the same 128 pounds for like 8 months and I’m definitely not anemic. I’ve been tested before, during and several times after the pregnancy for iron and my levels were always fine. Seems like he loves to let me know how all of these things are my fault. I assume he can control himself though, so I call BS.