Scared to give birth.

A little back story Me and my fiancé have a two year old together. We weren’t together when she was conceived meaning a relationship and he also chose not to be a part of the pregnancy and birth. This go around we’re engaged about to be married in two months and our second baby is due in October. This is where my heart breaks a little.. his mom and sister even his dad have been so disrespectful towards me I no longer go around them but my daughter does and he does. No problem that’s her family. What I’m scared of is he wants to take the newborn to his moms at an age (2 months) I’m just not comfortable with. It’s best she’s not at the hospital to visit based off things she’s said. I have always been fair but something about my newborn being without me hurts my feelings already. I don’t know if it’s just anxiety or what. I just am looking for ages your babies left you for the first time. He wasn’t there for the first one so idk what to even say. I feel like he doesn’t care about what i say. I don’t even try anymore i just say he can do whatever and it really makes me cry and not want to marry him. I’m up at 3 am crying my eyes out and he’s sleeping peacefully. I don’t want this to ruin our relationship but him making me feel like my opinion doesn’t matter hurts when it comes to these children . We just purchased a home together and I’m afraid to move. The things he’s done and said the past few days makes me wonder if he even loves me.