The best sex ive ever had

My boyfriend and I were lying in bed. We were just talking and being silly. He started biting my chin. I reacted by pushing him off. He said to me. Ill bite your ass if you aren’t careful. I then said I dare you. He rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled down my pants. Like he said he would do. He bit my ass. But then he started licking the inside of my thighs and nibbling towards my pussy. It felt like absolute bliss. He teased me with his tongue along the inside of my thigh. And then starting giving me oral. WHICH HE NEVER DOES!! He started slowing licking my pussy and getting me really wet. I pushed my ass up so he could get a better look and told him to keep going. Then he asked me if he could stick his cock in. He then fucked me while i was on my stomach. It was so fucking hot. It didnt last long for him to finish. But I didnt care. He came all over my ass and pussy. SO FUCKING HOT