When is the right time to have sex with your boyfriend if you don’t wanna wait till marriage?

Hi so I’m 16 and I am currently in a relationship and I been in a relationship for officially a month. So I always wanted to have sex I was always made sexual jokes with my lady friends while I was single i always had dirty thoughts bout sex so finally I get a boyfriend and I wouldn’t say I think bout having sex with him over time but as our month together progressed we been having conversations about sex and stuff (basically teasing one another) so I always wondered when would be a good time in a stereotypical relationship to have sex. Mind you I am very sensitive with my vagina area because I have ingrown hairs and I been trying to get rid of it but barely shaving and it’s been taking forever to get rid of the marks so idk I’m trying not to just be a regular teenager and have sex and we end up breaking up that types of stuff he says he doesn’t care if I have marks or whatever he’s had sex before with multiple girls and whether guys admit it or not they keep score (track) of who they have had sex with and I’m not tryna be put in a category of all the virginity’s that he took so idk can someone plz give me advice.

Also sorry for my bad grammar I’m just venting😂

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