Lowering my supply


I have an over supply and it started from the very beginning in the hospital. Even with colostrum. They had me pump and i pumped about 4-5 oz of colostrum every two hours and since then my milk has not slowed down. My baby is just barely breast feeding because he’s strong enough (kind of) for the flow. I’ve been pumping for the last 5 weeks, and now that he’s breastfeeding I still have to deal with my over supply. I block feed and I have to hand express a few oz before he can even latch. So I’m wondering if I should take Sudafed to help lower my supply. It’s supposed to lower it 24% in 24 hours but it does pass through the breast milk. What would you guys do?

Also, I pumped because the nurses in the hospital told me too because he would latch but not suck the breast, I didn’t know you weren’t to pump for the first 6 weeks and now I’m regretting it all around.