Is this friendship abusive or am I over dramatic

Chip • Uh.. i don’t know what I’m supposed to put here so I’m gonna y’all about myself I’m 12 turning 13 soon, Bisexuals or lesbian i don’t know all I know is girls are pretty and guys can be too sorta... I draw a lot I post my drawing on social media Chip_n_Tr

Ok so let’s get the through im going to represent people with emojis cause yeah

Friend one-🌺

Friend two-🌼

Friend three-🌸

So let’s get to the tea 🍵

It was 🌺 birthday the other day and she had been planning this party for what I assume was a week I talk to her practically everyday and I’ve know her for basically years but the problem is I moved but we keep in contact through text we don’t live that far just a thirty minute drive

When it came to birthday talk 🌺 said she wanted to do nothing for her birthday which I understood but it werided me put that she invited 🌸 over and said she was going to go to a skating rink with 🌼

I called her up and she was hanging out with that 🌸 and I don’t like talking to 🌺 and 🌸 together cause I get thrown to the dirt and get excluded from conversations and get teased even before we i met 🌸 the other two 🌺 and 🌼 did the same to me but I thought it was normal there was always “that” friend

Who took all the bullshit from the others

Moving on while I was talking to them 🌺 mentioned they do a lot of stuff with out me and and don’t think to uhm invite me even when my schedule is always free and they don’t invite me cause I’m loud she hasn’t seen me in two years and we only text she doesn’t know shit and 🌸 mentioned there was a group that was with 🌺🌼🌸 people I considered best friends purposely excluding me and when I called them out on it they pushed it off and laughed and always when they have sleep overs 🌺 and 🌸 they text me in the middle of the night and fucking bother me and when I get mad and tell them to cut it the fuck out

I did something wrong

And we have this small group chat but without 🌼 but I don’t talk to her as much and 🌺 claims she doesn’t as well so it’s not that big of a deal but 🌸 and 🌺 tease me and exclude me from conversations when I get mad I did something wrong

And this has been happening for months ever since 🌺 met 🌸 WHO SHE HAS A CRUSH ON BY THE WAY

But here’s the real tea

When I talk to them privately one on one it’s like the healthiest and nice friendship that you see in those tv shows and musicals

And now we’re planning to have this big sleep over at my house cause well 🌺’s mom hates me and 🌸 thinks her parents wouldn’t like me

Note I’ve know her less then a year and we haven’t met in person yet cause 🌺 met her when I moved

I feel hurt

From a lot and when I heard they don’t invite me to stuff and exclude me I broke down I haven’t been sleeping right it’s been two days and I feel horrible for everything that I didn’t do

But I love them so much and they’ve done so much for me but I don’t know if this is healthy for me cause even if we talk one on one there are still things that make me feel like I am the person just to vent to while I stay quiet and listen

Or the person just to annoy or to forcibly shove your opinions on cause u thought everyone had “that” friend I but maybe I’m taking this too far I’m the youngest out of them but we’re all in the same grade I don’t know

I feel like I can’t keep doing shit like this cause anytime I get made or call them out they point out “my” flaws


They’ve gone through a lot one of them lost their dad and the others have a lot on their plate and I have a good life sure I’m homeschooled due to bullying and mental stuff but I have a good life so I probably shouldn’t say anything but is there something wrong with this