I thought it would never happen!


After 14 months of TTC, we finally got our BFP!!

(Top photo 5/3, middle 5/4, bottom 5/5; didn’t take one today).

I have been seeing a fertility Dr for several months now. I have PCOS (with very high AMH and irregular cycles), a blocked tube, and thin uterine lining. With medicine, I kept ovulating on the blocked side, which made me start losing hope.

This was my 4th round of taking Femara. However, this past month I was sick and so I canceled the ultrasound and went without the trigger shot.

It’s still super early (4 weeks, 2 days), so I’m praying it sticks! I was about to give up and take a break from TTC, as I thought maybe <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> would be the only option. I really thought it might not happen for us, but don’t lose hope! 😊❤️