It’s a boy!!!!


Ok so yesterday I learned that my little bundle will be a baby boy! But how I finally got to find out is the funniest and emotional part! Baby O was not happy being disturbed from his nap when we first saw he was sleeping and the poking and prodding woke him up and the next thing we see both his hands are on each side of his head and his legs were crossed! Mind you he was curled up like a frog previously. I saw my baby boy boy wiggle, play with his toes, grab his thighs, then lastly grab his butt cheeks in an effort to get us off his case 😂 I laughed I cried and laughed some more I was certain baby was a girl but for a split second we saw the little poker! And my ob came in after my sonogram tech left and confirmed that baby is most definitely a boy he’s certain! But I go back on the 1st of June and I’ll be 21 weeks so I hope baby cooperates and let’s us see the goods for certain. I just know my little man is going to be a character and I can’t wait! Do you ladies have any memorable funny moments from your gender scans!? If so please share and if you cried the whole time who cares! I still want to hear lol!