I'm no writer but here's our story

Heather • got our miracle on the way after 3 Yrs trying 2 ectopic 1 chemical and 1 m/c

I was gestational diabetic and so my dr, my husband, and I decided to induce at 37 weeks which would have been April 28th. we went to the hospital at 6 pm on Friday the 27th. we started with cytotec for anyone who doesn't know this is a tiny pill inserted next to the cervix and it takes 4 hrs to dissolve. we did 4 rounds of this and I had only dilated to 1 maybe less than that. at 2 pm on the 28th we switched to cervadil this is the one on the string inserted next to the cervix it stays in for 12 hrs to help get you to go into labor. I had it in for 10 hrs then at midnight my water broke and the cervadil came out on it's own. they moved me into a delivery room at about 6 am I was still dilated to just 1 and this is when we started pitocin. this is when the contractions started getting bad. I really thought I wasn't gonna make it. I knew contractions would be bad but these were so bad! I think I got the epidural at like 4 pm maybe, I'm not 100% sure on the time because the pain was so bad I was I was screaming for the epidural NOW! all I have to say is whoever invented the epidural should be crowned king! lol it is the best thing EVER! we checked for dilation again around 7 because they were noticing so distress on the babys heartbeat everytime I had a contraction and the dr was worried. last they had checked a few hrs before that I was only at 7, and if I hadn't dilated anymore we would have had to discuss c section, to our surprise in was fully dilated and they wanted me to start pushing. I had my husband, my sister, my mom, and my mother in law in the room. I started pushing at a little after 7 pm and I used the mirror so I could watch. I pushed for 3 hrs and my beautiful miracle was born at 10:51 pm on April 29th. we did skin to skin immediately for 2 hrs. they then weighed him and he was 7lbs 14oz.