Today I’m 6 weeks pregnant and since about 5 weeks into this pregnancy I’ve been having horrible and I mean awful morning sickness 24/7.

I had to clean out my fridge this morning with anything that had meat in it because it just makes me sick beyond words ( and I’m not a vegetarian I promise you that)

The smell of almost anything make me so queasy it’s insane 😩 haha

Well today after my boyfriend got off work he literally just said let’s go to the beach and that was probably the best idea he’s come up with in a while 😅

So we get there (it’s only a 4 minute walk), lay our towels on the sand, and just relax. Omg I can’t even begin to tell you.

Super therapeutic for me just to not smell anything that grossed me out, the breeze, the ocean, the sun. It was perfect!

Just made me appreciate everything at that moment (especially not feeling sick).

This pregnancy means the world to us and it’s moments like these that I want to remember when we get really old so I can cherish them forever.

*** update ****

Thank you all for your kind words ladies 😩💗! Nice to not feel alone in this ☺️. Morning sickness is still brutally kicking my ass 😂 but I’m determined and hoping this storm shall pass