im worried for my sisters saftey

anna • Anna

okay so I have two sisters ( one who is 11 and my twin sister who is 14) so we are all besties but can be a little much on each other.... so I go to school where my aunt lives, my twin goes to school where my uncle lives, and my little sister goes to school where my dad lives and then we all go home on the weekend to our moms house. (we are trying it out but we dont like it so we are moving back in with my mom full time may 30th. So my uncle has a short temper and takes no shit. Im texting my sister and she is usually happy, LOTS OF EMOJIS , hearts after every sentence. We are talking about are vacation to Canada this summer. She is acting the completely different. I ask if she OK and no answer. her answers are short all of a sudden. Im scared something is going on. she keeps calling and I answer and nobody responds. what do I do. I don't think I should call the cops.