There’s this guy that I’ve always kind of liked, Lets call him Josh, and I have this friend let’s call her Kelly, Well Kelly is sorta boy crazy, She has a new crush every week or so and all she talks about are different guys she likes. So one day I decide to bring up josh to her, I don’t tell her I like him I just bring him up to see what she thinks of him. Well when I bring up Josh she says “Oh my god, Josh is so cute I’ve literally liked him since 4th grade. I’ve definitely brought him up before.”, Then she DMs him on instagram, they have awkward conversation and he still doesn’t really know who he’s talking to. (Her Instagram has no pictures) So he has the same lunch as us and she’s texting him and he asks her who she is, She tells him she sits in the table behind him at lunch, Well he turns around and looks at her and doesn’t really speak to her ever again and leaves her on read. I guess he wasn’t interested. But anyways lately I’ve been catching him looking at me and now I’m starting to wonder if he likes me back. My friend says she’s over him and she just thinks he’s cute. I still haven’t told her I like him and I don’t really plan on it. I just need to know if he likes me.

(Also Sorry this was kinda long)