Questions on diaphragms/vaginal sponges/etc

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Hey dearies!

So I have an ex who is now my FWB. We had a really bad pregnancy scare a few months ago, and if I ever have one of those again, my mom will practically disown me for not using protection when I told her that I would in the future lol. And we’re best friends, so I DEFINITELY don’t want to strain our relationship. So since my ex has felt me naturally, he says that if we use a condom.. sex definitely wouldn’t be the same and I definitely agree. I’ve been wondering about something I can put up my hoo hah so that any potential spermies can’t get through. He never finishes inside me, but I just want to be safe because I have a serious medical condition that I can’t have a pregnancy with. I also can’t be on birth control because of it. Yea, my body is a hot mess. I’m going to take a whack at a spermicidal lube, but I definitely want to use it with something else as a backup protection.

He has a nice sized cock, so I guess my question is:

I’m wondering if any of you have tried these “cervical caps” (whatever various forms they comfort in.. diaphragms, vaginal sponges, etc

) and asked your partner if he could feel it while deep inside you?

Because I don’t want that, either.. 🤔

Thank you if I could get some help!