Is it just me?


So I recently see a bunch of posts about how womens husband or partners talk to a girl or look exs on social media. Etc etc

Is it just me or are their others that dont worry about it? I tust my SO 1000% He has never done anything to make me not trust him (relationship wise). I catch him staring at a girls ass but I look at men too(99% actors on tv haha) But were human we look at what we are attracted to. He use to talk to a women on his game and they would game together. I never felt like i should be right there watching what they type. Maybe its cause im not a jelous person. Like you want to screw up this relationship and cheat then go right ahead but I wont be taking you back. Like how much do you actually trust you SO? Every relationship my mother and sister has had theyve cheated or abused them. So naturally you would think that I would be like overly jealous or have no trust in any man. Heck I even let him go to the strippers with his friends cause at the end of the day he comes back to me and tells me everything. Some might say im naive but does having trust make you naive? So Is it just me that has 1000% percent trust or do you too?

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