Signed off work temporarily at 22 weeks


So I have been having horrible pains since around April and have tried sticking it out but I woke up this morning and was unable to get up, I called in and booked an appointment with my OB.

My manager called and said he wanted a doctors note for today, which I thought was crazy since I NEVER call in sick.

Once I got to my OB he concluded that with the amount of pain I was in and stress I was under that it would be best if I were to stay off work till my next appointment in 2 weeks for him to reassess my condition. He said it was caused majority by muscularskeletal pain and that for some women it can get very bad and cause more complications as you tense.

I called my boss and provided him with the letter and he basically told me “it’s a recommendation how do you feel?” Bad enough I called in sick.....I just feel more stressed now than before. 😩

I never wanted to be off work this early but I can’t control what’s happening with my body right now.

Has anyone had to stay off work for a short time for anything similar?