baby is 6months and my supply seems too low


So I broke the first rule of exclusive breast feeding and gave a bottle too soon. it seemed necessary at the time cuz he had a lip and tongue tie that we got fixed 3x over 6weeks time period. such a night mare, pumping was stressful, so we opted to use formula every now and then. but I can't afford formula long term, plus I'm forgetful, can't forget boobs.

anyone struggled with a tongue/lip tie and losing supply? I'm taking milk thistle, dandelion and brewer's yeasts tablets. I know I don't drink enough water, so I'm working on that. any tips? or I guess just some encouragement, feeling so bummed about this. I breast fed/ pumped for my second child for 22months. he took a bottle at 1week old and went back to boob no prob. si I didn't think I would have such probs this time. sorry this got so long.