To: all moms with sons

(Please give me your honest opinion)

So. Me and my current boyfriend (if I can call him that..) live 12 hours away. I wouldn't really mind this if I could contact him but I can't and haven't been able to for the past 3 (almost 4) months. Our parents thought we were getting too "mushy" and thought we should give it a rest for a while which I agree with now and I can understand where they were coming from, but it could've been much worse. (We never got sexual aside from asking random questions about the other sexes body out of curiosity most of it turned into jokes and it never became a sexual thing and we agreed to not sext until at least engagement which we knew would be a ways off.)

(Before separation)I was very open with him. I trust him more than I have anyone so I was honest with him about my past and honestly told him I don't want to make those same mistakes with him. But his parents randomly went through his phone and read about my past... I'll be honest. I was a slut. I told him that. But they took it the wrong way and I think they disapproved of me because they're extremely religious. I called them and personally apologized about my past and gave them my word I would never do anything of the sort with their son without both his and their consent upon marriage. I guess that wasn't enough for them though based on recent events.

About two weeks ago our parents got in a little tif about nothing. My parents even apologized and told them they didn't want to fight about it but it still ended with them wanting nothing to do with us and all our numbers being blocked. Personally I think they were looking for an excuse to not be friends with us because of me. I have no idea when I'll ever see him again. I am 16 now and he's 17 but I know his parents wouldn't approve of him coming to see me once he's 18 and the last thing I want is to upset them further and prove them right in their judgement of me.

(A little history) I have known him since I was 10. We were each other's childhood crush until we lost contact with each other for 4 years.

I'm asking not only as a teenage girl, but also as a daughter. As a mother, what would your thoughts be? Am I doing the right thing? Would you approve of me? I suppose I just need some reassurance... it's been a long day 😅