Bleeding at 15 weeks??

So when i first found out i was pregnant, i spotted for weeks straight. Up until I’d say 9- 10 weeks. Then it completely went away. Baby has always looked great and growing right on track. I was getting ready for work today and before i left i went to the bathroom. I noticed when i wiped there was some pink/red blood. I coated a tampon in coconut oil and put it in and took it right out just to see how much blood would come on it and it was a decent amount. I started freaking out bc i figured i was done bleeding. My back has been slightly crampy since i noticed the bleeding but could very well just be a pregnancy symptom. I started to worry bc every morning my stomach is sore and kind of crampy but it goes away once i use the bathroom and am up and around. Now (about 3 hours later) i went to the bathroom again and there’s Still some spotting but not nearly as much as before. Should i go to the ER? My obgyn won’t be available until Monday.