I want my confidence back

I was an athlete almost my entire life and have always loved to workout. Once in a while I would get asthma attacks and would have to sit out of practice because I have exercise induce asthma. After I had my son I bounced back pretty fast and was even getting my abs back but ever since my baby boy turned 6 months my asthma has gotten so much worst and it’s so hard for me to even do something as simple as run on the treadmill. I have to take my inhaler right away and I can always feel an attack coming and will have to leave the gym to rush home to take my nebulizer machine and it makes me sad because working out is something I truly love to do. This is me pre baby

This is me 2 week after having my precious baby boy

And his is me now

My husband says I’m still beautiful but I just don’t feel it. I can feel myself getting bigger and bigger every month. Are there any other moms out there that have asthma and has gotten worst since you’ve had your baby? I just hope everything goes back to normal soon.